Turnkey solution for creating
delivery service in

Training, consultation and launch from $7000


Web-site, mobile application

Easy-to-use interface and fast navigation for your users

Control panel for a manager

For the fastest way to fill the menu and for updating information about services

Application for a delivery man

Allows to plan a route, get information about an order in the instance

One system of control for call-center and delivery personal

Full control of ordering from the order acceptance to giving it to the delivery man

Our customers are restaurants, delivery services, online stores.

The largest among them are:

Pizza network

One of the biggest pizza restaurant in Bishkek city positively rated Nambafood software and started using the product from year 2017. Because of that, they got following results:

Decrease in IT expenses -25%
Personal effectiveness +30%
Increase in sales in a year +15%

Delivery Service Namba Food

For 5 years Namba Food actively evolves and monthly improves opportunities of software.

Yearly increase in orders:

Increase in sales:

Restaurant Talisman

Restaurant Talisman successfully develops in market of Bishkek city. In 2018, directorship of the restaurant decided to actively promote in delivery. By using NambaFood software only in a month, they got positive growth.

IT expenses 0$
Increase in sales +236%
Increase in amount of orders +142%

What is included in the package?

Comfortable website and application for your customers:


Comfortable web-site and appetizing interface for a fast order

Application for Users

Fast navigation and as simple as possible design

Solution for non-cash payment method

All type of payment methods for your Users on one platform


Highest quality service due to automatization of process

Control Panel


As fast as possible fast order processing by operator and order transfer to swift


Easy addition of new establishments and editing of the menu with the launch of promotional codes.


Blocking of undesirable Users (adding to a Black List) by administrator


Instant overview of full range of reports for a manager

Convenient working tool for the operator

Allows easily navigate in orders, track and interact with couriers. Include following functions:

  • - Call Alert
  • - Receiving of the order
  • - Notification about order transfer to a deliver man
  • - Ability to choose the nearest delivery man
  • - Hint for surcharges for distant areas
  • - Tracking of delivery man location on the map

Mobile application for a
delivery man

Installed by a delivery man after the registration to work in a delivery service.

Simple and comfortable tool for interaction between delivery man and operator. Allows delivery man receive orders, and an operator can control location of a delivery man on the map

Full monitoring and reporting system of the call center and courier service


  • - Creation of reports (financial, efficiency of a delivery men and operators)
  • - Registration of operators and delivery men
  • - Archive of calls from call center, map with delivery men
  • - Archive of calls from call center, map with delivery men
  • - Company news for a delivery men

Fast Launch

A complete solution that does not need additional purchases and integrations. Guaranteed launch time – 1 month.

Debugged process

Nambafood is more than 5 years on the market, and is partnered with more than 250 restaurants of Bishkek city. All technical solutions were tested on real-life experience and they gave early increase to a company.

Quality product

Nambafood software developed and improved by orienting itself on world standards. Technical product was developed and is supported by a company MadDevs.

Technical support

With the help of operative and fast reaction of technical support, our product can function for 24/7

Personal training

Online training of personal with the help of available and understandable tools

Business consultations

We are interested in the growth of our partner and that is why we are ready to effectively as possible consult and share our experience.

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Price of software solution

  • Full-package Software rent for a delivery service work:
    • Comfortable web-site and mobile application for your clients
    • Control panel for a manager
    • Mobile app for a delivery men
    • Control & reporting system for a call center
  • Understandable documentation of how to use the product
  • Exclusive for your city
  • Online training of personel
  • Business consulting
  • Rent of a cloud service
  • 24/7 technical support

$7 000

Fixed payment

from $250

Monthly payment for a rest and support


From sales in

Nambafood Team

In 5 years Nambafood team is actively develops and growths. We created qualitive delivery service and software that meets and needed requirements for providing the fastest and the most convenient service. Daily we develop and we are finding non-standard solutions due to 100% interest from all the participants of the project. Because of that our software and delivery service Nambafood were recognized as the best online service of the country.

We are ready to help in developing delivery service in any country of the world with the experience of our team, technical abilities and unique and qualitive technical support of the company that provides IT services for us - MadDevs.

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